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Understanding Various Types of Powder Coating Guns

Are you planning to purchase a coating gun? You can find the best gun that delivers the required intensity to allow air into the chamber so that it can spray dry powder. It charges the powder to ensure it sticks to the surface which is being coated. Guns to powder coat appliances are quite many on the market. Various techniques are used in producing an electrostatic charge.

Types of guns

3ede33 powder coating gunAs far as powder coating process is concerned, the coating gun is an important element used to accomplish the task. In fact, type of gun dictates the type of technique that is applied to the surface. Thus, powder coating guns for thermoplastics and thermosetting are quite different. You should note that powder coating guns do not pose risks to users. Moreover, it is quite normal to produce considerable amounts of dust. This is because of using dry powder. The following are some types of powder coating guns and methods that are widely used.

Craftsman gun

This type uses an air compressor. It is perfect for any person who is a beginner in powder coating. This type of a gun does not have an air compressor. You need to place your powder into a small cup. This makes it unsuitable for large jobs as it requires continuous refilling. You ground an object and place it in a cup. It is then loaded onto spray gun. It has a material pin that recharges the powder. It is advisable to clean the pin on a routine basis to increase its efficiency. This type of powder gun is relatively affordable.

Wagner sprint X

A lot of users like this gun due to easy availability of the replacement parts. It features a rotary dial, which allows a user to select different settings depending on the coat wanted and type of powder used. It is a perfect powder gun for beginners.

Harbor freight

It is a great powder coating gun from a reputable company. It is a top choice as it can be used for nearly all forms of powder coating. This gun is available in a broad range of colors.

Gema optiflex 2

This is a high performance and durable coating gun. Although it is quite expensive, its durability, warranty, and power allow for easy assembly which offers a great spraying action. It has an application rate of more than 350 grams. The good thing about this gun is that it offers great results. Moreover, you can coat difficult areas by using PCC mode. Also, the cage areas can be covered easily.rf43w3 gun powder coating

Nordson encore XT

This gun is high quality, easy to use, and lightweight. It has several customizable settings that you may not need unless you are an expert. This explains why it is recommended for experts.

Eastwood gun

This gun is well known because of its dual voltage capability. Moreover, it comes with tape, plugs, and assorted colors. You will find it easy to use thanks to the detailed instruction manual.

The above are some guns you are likely to get on the market. Choose one that matches your experience.…