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Container gardening: types of containers

ewretrygfhgetwrThere are several types of containers that one can use for gardening. They can be used either for planting vegetables, flowers or even herbs. But in most instances, any container can be used for gardening. You will realize that some plants will grow very well in random containers while others will not, so when you are making a choice on which container to use for your gardening, ensure that it has enough space for holding up enough soil so that the roots of the plants that you will be growing in them develop as required.

In this reading, we will be discussing the different types of gardening containers that one can use such as fiberglass pots and planters that are becoming very popular. Each particular type of container has its unique qualities and traits that make it effective for different plants to grow since they provide different conditions. Read along to determine which type of gardening container will be the best for you.

Types of gardening containers

1. Clay or terra cotta

As the name already depicts, this is the type of gardening container that is made of clay. It is highly porous, and it has been found to dry out more quickly as compared to gardening pots that are made from other materials. Its porosity is an advantage because it prevents the soil from getting saturated that easily. If you want to use this type of pot for your gardening, remember that you will need to water your plants more frequently, since the pot dries up more quickly.

2. Wood containers

This type of container can include a wide range of containers. Baskets, window boxes, buckets, and barrels can all be classified as being wood containers. One of the major challenges that you will encounter when using such containers is retaining the moisture in the soil. To ensure that you retain moisture in them, you will need to seal the wood container from the inside, or place another container inside the wooden container, preferably a plastic container.

3. Plastic container

These are those ones that are made of plastic materials. These particular ones range from those ones that you buy plants in that are commonly referred to as nursery pots to other that are highly decorated. When you purchase plastic pots, ensure that they are they have sufficient holes in the bottom side of the container so that there is enough drainage to prevent the plant’s roots from becoming clogged with water.

4. Concrete planters

These are used by those people who want to bring a formal appeal to their gardens. They can either be made from concrete blocks or poured concrete. This one can be put up for free in the event that you do not have cash. You can ask for blocks from a building site and place them in a pattern to make a concrete pot.wertfdgfse

5. Ceramic and metal planters

These particular containers are used for in-house houseplants. Both can be decorated. But when purchasing them, check the drainage capability that they offer. Most of this pots are meant to fulfill decorative purposes hence may not allow for proper decoration, bearing in mind the fact that they are mostly used indoors.

6. Hanging baskets

These particular ones can be made from any of the material that has been named above. These ones do dry quickly, so it is very important that you be watering the plants from time to time. Besides ensuring that they hang from a secure hook, ensure that they are hanged in a place that they can drain into the ground.…