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Choosing the Ideal Food for Your Puppy

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Have you just acquired a puppy and you are not sure what to feed it on? If the answer is yes, then worry not as we are going to highlight different factors that will help you with the selection of food for your puppy. After you have acquired a puppy, it is essential to talk to a veterinary office to vaccinate and immunize it first and recommend the proper diet that you should feed your dog on.

A veterinary officer will recommend a balanced diet which is critical for the appropriate development of your dog. This read highlights some of the tips to look at when you are selecting the ideal food for your puppy.

Puppy Food Brand

german shepherdOne of the things to look at when you are choosing the ideal food for your puppy is the food brand. You need to feed your puppy with the food that has been tested and passed as far by the relevant body that inspects such foods.

Selecting the food from the trusted brand is one of the ways of ensuring the formulation of food has been met and that there are no shortcomings. You can click here for the best puppy dog food. The trusted food brands typically send their recipes to the labs and consult with the veterinary officers to ensure that the food being given to the dogs have the required nutrients.


Since you will need an active puppy, consider the number of calories in its diet. The puppy food should have a higher amount of calories than the adult dog because the puppy is still growing and it is usually playful.

The calories that the puppy feeds on will also be used in the development and growth of tissues. It is crucial to examine the amount of food that your puppy feeds on as this will determine the number of calories your dog gets.

Puppy Size

We have different breeds of dogs and therefore different puppy sizes. Some of the dog breeds feed more than the others because of their structure and size.

This is another critical factor that you cannot choose to ignore. We have different types of puppy formula that are meant for puppies of different sizes. Always make sure that you give your puppy the correct formulated food based on its size.

Food Ingredients

hybrid dogLast but not least, when you are purchasing the dog’s food, it is always advisable that you check the ingredients. Checking the ingredients will tell you whether the formulated diet is balanced or not.

As we had earlier stated, it is essential to give your puppy balanced food because it is developing. Fatty acids are another essential nutrient that the puppy food should have as it helps in the development of the nervous system.